$ 210 Airdrop Today,easy

You can get $ 210 from the following program, easily

A.Pax Pago

1.Visit the PaxPago airdrop form.
2.Join their Telegram group (+4 Stakes ), bounty group (+4 Stakes ), ask a thoughtful question in their groups and take a screenshot (+4 Stakes ). 3.Join their Discord channel. (+8 Stakes ) 4.Follow them on Twitter (+8 Stakes ), like and retweet their latest tweet (+8 Stakes) and make a tweet about PAX PAGO (+8 Stakes). 5.Follow them on Medium. (+8 Stakes ) 6.Follow them on Linkedin. (+8 Stakes ) 7.Like their Facebook page (+8 Stakes ) and like, comment and share their latest post (+14 Stakes). 8.Subscribe to their Reddit page (+8 Stakes ) and upvote any one of their posts and engage in a conversation in any one of their posts (+16 Stakes). 9.Submit your details to the airdrop form. 10.You will receive up to 106 stakes. Also, check out their Bounty program and complete easy tasks to earn more PXP tokens.


B. Q C P 

How to join Crypto Potential Airdrop?
1.Register for the Crypto Potential Airdrop, by creating an account. 2.Verify your mail & Log in to your account. 3.Share your referral link to earn additionals QCP tokens.



How to join PROOF OF TOSS airdrop?
1.Register for the PROOF OF TOSS Airdrop, by creating an account. 2.Verify your mail, Log in to your account and check the ''Referral Program''. 3.Introduce a Title and click on ''ADD LINK'' in order to generate your unique referral link. 4.Post and share your unique referral link on your Facebook and Twitter page. 5.Join PROOF OF TOSS on Telegram. 6.Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the PROOF OF TOSS Airdrop form. 7.Share your referral link to earn up to 8% for every purchase made through a direct and a second tier referral.



1.Follow the instructions on the telegram bot 2.Register on the website to get additional income


E. K R O N N

1.Follow the instructions on the telegram bot 2.Write the referral code VDS1N as an information service



1. Start Oodlebit Telegram Bot 2. Sign up for the Oodlebit website (+35 OODL) 3. Click on "Complete actions"
4. Code Telegram 7744 5. Join Telegram channel (+10 OODL) 6. Retweet this tweet (+10 OODL) 7. Receive 55 OODL